As things open up and we start to venture outdoors we are all trying to work out what social-distancing means while we recreate. These last few months have highlighted a few things for us, and I am sure many of you as well. Natural spaces have become a sanctuary for many, and a place to feel a bit more normal. Now that more parks and other areas are opening back up, here are our suggestions for how to enjoy fishing responsibly this summer.

Before you go

Research. Some areas are still closed, so check before you go!

Avoid busy spots. Safer for you AND better for fishing!

Stay close to home or be respectful of communities that do not want outside visitors. If you are travelling to go fishing, purchase all the supplies you will need in your own community and gas up to limit interactions and reduce the risk to smaller, more rural areas.

Shop online. You can get your fishing license online, and can likely shop online for your supplies, or at least browse products online, to pick up in store and make for a quick shopping trip!

Know the fishing restrictions for your area.

If you’re sick – stay home!

While you’re out there

Keep your fishing-buddy bubble small. Go with a small group of friends or family.

Be flexible – if you get to your fishing spot and it is really busy, have a backup plan and location to go to.

Have the pandemic essentials on hand- Hand sanitizer is a great solution for keeping hands clean when water is unavailable. Bring your mask in case you need to stop for supplies.

And have fun!

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