Today feels a little strange at Watershed Watch Salmon Society. It is our first day without our amazing Operations Director, Trish Hall. After 17 years, Trish is stepping down to take some well-deserved time for herself.

Trish joined Watershed Watch in 2002, when there was a staff of only two: herself and founder Dr. Craig Orr. With a background in oceanography and environmental science, a strong set of skills in non-profit management, and the ability to tackle pretty much anything that needed doing, Trish has worn many hats over the years.

On top of all her operations work and representing us at the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, Trish has built websites, run social media campaigns, created newsletters, written countless reports and proposals, worked with donors, managed finances, planned events, managed our staff and so much more. Trish has truly been the backbone of the organization. All of our successes are her successes as well.

We will all miss Trish with her cheerful and committed approach to the many demands of running a feisty little organization like ours. We wish her the absolute best in her future endeavours.


“Trish, as you stride into the sunset, rest assured, you cast a long shadow with Watershed Watch. I so enjoyed my time with you and witnessing what you accomplished. May the next stage of your journey be filled with even more.”

Dr. Craig Orr, Watershed Watch Salmon Society co-founder


Trish has been so integral to all of our work for wild salmon that it is hard to imagine Watershed Watch without her. Thanks Trish, for doing such a rock-solid job over so many years. Wherever your next adventure leads, those around you will be lucky to have you.”

Aaron Hill, Watershed Watch Salmon Society executive director 

Trish loves wild salmon