In the summer, we usually have a busy engagement team organizing and attending events in communities on Vancouver Island and around the lower mainland. This year, due to COVID-19, our public engagement has moved entirely online and we have two awesome new staff members joining us for the summer to help with this work. Meet Sadie and Kieran, our digital storytellers!

Kieran Muller

KieranKieran is Wet’suwet’en and N’laka’pamux. As a photographer and video creator, his favourite thing to do is make up stories that match (or don’t match) the images. He also enjoys making photos with 35mm film, which allows him to slow down and connect physically with the medium.

“I seize whatever opportunities I can to grab my backpack, head for the mountains and capture my experiences. Doing film making and photography is a great way to experience the world through various perspectives. I often find that image making is a push and pull between reality and virtuality, and that through storytelling we can reveal and hide parts of our world. I feel very connected to our lands and I hope that my photos and films will reveal the parts of our world that need to be protected.”





Sadie Stephens

Sadie grew up in East Vancouver and graduated from SFU’s School of Communication with an interest in environmental communication. Passionate about the power of storytelling for climate justice and environmental conservation, Sadie recently completed an internship at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal. She is looking forward to exploring storytelling as a medium for salmon advocacy this summer.