Send sustainable seafood verifiers a message about ‘Alaskan’ salmon

Tell the Marine Stewardship Council to decertify Southeast Alaska’s salmon fisheries, and reconsider your purchase of all Alaskan seafood until their interception fleet in the Southeast stops killing so many of our salmon. 

Fishers in Southeast Alaska intercept and sell millions of salmon and steelhead migrating to British Columbia, Washington and Oregon in non-selective net fisheries that don’t adequately report their bycatch. All while our local fisheries are closed to rebuild dwindling stocks.

Seafood certification organizations like Marine Stewardship Council have turned a blind eye, maintaining Alaska’s ‘sustainable’ certification. But fisheries that profit by harvesting another country’s endangered fish are about as far from sustainable as you can get.

Wild salmon are essential to the culture of the Pacific Northwest. But, more of our salmon are harvested in SE Alaska than in all of B.C.’s salmon  fisheries combined. When they are absent, our communities suffer and keystone species like Southern Resident Killer Whales, eagles, and Grizzly bears starve.

Consumers want ethical seafood for their families. However, if you buy salmon from Southeast Alaska fisheries there’s no way to know if it’s sustainable, or if it’s even Alaskan.