Over the last 50 years, the slough systems of Chilliwack have been suffering from a decline in water quality, affecting both wildlife and humans who use these formerly pristine waters.

Each year, in partnership with the volunteers at SOS Save our Sloughs and the Pelólxw Tribe, Watershed Watch hosts a month-long, community paddling event to raise awareness about Chilliwack’s waterways. Together, we aim to revitalize these natural gems and restore this once-thriving salmon habitat!

The Paddle the Slough Challenge is not just a canoe trip, it is a gathering of community members and nature enthusiasts who share a passion for preserving Chilliwack’s blueways. By coming together for this cause, participants strengthen their sense of community, and foster a deeper connection to Chilliwack’s sloughs and the issues they face. Through their collective efforts, they can become agents of change, ensuring a brighter future for these waterways and the community.

This year’s Paddle the Slough wrapped up on June 18 and we had over 140 groups sign up!  Each year, the team at Watershed Watch and volunteers at SOS Save our Sloughs love reading your stories of how this event has connected you with your local waterways. We are thankful for each and every one of you who participated in Paddle the Slough 2023 and shared your photos and stories about your experience.

Without further adieu here are this year’s prize winners:

And now for the grand prize winners:

Please email engagement@watershedwatch.ca to arrange your prize pickup.

If you are looking for ways to help, here are simple next steps:

  1. Click here to send a letter to Chilliwack’s Mayor and Council, thanking them for caring for our waterways. Please add any concerns you have about Chilliwack’s waterways into the letter. We need the City of Chilliwack to know that local people care about the wild salmon and their habitats.
  2. Send a letter to federal and provincial decision-makers to tell them about the importance of our disconnected waterways!
  3. Join SOS Save our Sloughs also known as Friends of Camp/Hope Sloughs on Facebook to hear about further events and local updates.
  4. Donate to support our work to keep defending and restoring these waterways. A generous donor is currently matching all donations up to $10,000!

Thank you to the City of Chilliwack for providing funding for the washrooms for the event under the Community Event Grant Program.

Hope to see you out there next year!