WANTED: Properties in the lower Fraser floodplain between Hope and Mission, B.C.

Do you own land in the Heart of the Fraser or know someone who does? Would you be interested in selling your land for long-term conservation? If so, Watershed Watch would like to speak with you.

It’s a pivotal moment for conservation in B.C. Since the province approved the 30-by-30 objective to protect 30 per cent of the province by 2030, private donors have been stepping up. A record-breaking donation of $100 million by Lululemon founder Chip Wilson to the BC Parks Foundation has created the opportunity for the foundation to start purchasing land to work towards this conservation goal.

Chum fry hiding in marginal grass photo by Eiko Jones

The Heart of the Fraser is vital rearing habitat for Fraser River salmon. Photo Credit: Eiko Jones

Through our Heart of the Fraser campaign, we are supporting the much-needed effort to protect this vital area. Stretching from Hope to Mission, this section of the Fraser River is known as the most endangered river in B.C. The floodplain is key rearing habitat all year round for salmon populations from throughout the Fraser River watershed. It is also prime habitat for the majestic, ancient and endangered white sturgeon.

Fortunately, land acquisition for conservation in the Heart of the Fraser has already begun. In partnership with a lower Fraser First Nation, B.C. Parks Foundation purchased a large floodplain property, and is now working to restore and re-wild it. This initiative is a wonderful example of reconciliation in action.

More property purchases are planned but even more will be needed, so our search continues! Join the movement and create a legacy you can be proud of.

We have identified several key undeveloped islands in the Heart of the Fraser. We believe many owners have left the islands untouched because they do not want to see further industrialization in this vital wild salmon and white sturgeon habitat.

An endangered white sturgeon

That’s where you come in. If you own one of these islands or know of someone who does, please reach out! We would love to support you in discussing options for selling or donating your land for permanent conservation.