B.C. is famous all over the world for its magnificent rivers and lakes. However, across the province, communities are experiencing water shortages, and low water levels in many rivers threaten the survival of salmon. With a growing population and a warming climate, the stress on our rivers and salmon is only going to get worse.

That’s why Watershed Watch, in partnership with other allies, is launching CodeBlue BC, a plan to secure and sustain BC’s fresh water sources for generations to come.

Add your support to CodeBlue BC and help us pressure Premier Horgan to protect our fresh water sources and the watersheds we all depend on.

The CodeBlue BC plan has three parts:

1. Get tough on water wasters and polluters. Good resource development should never degrade our watersheds, or waste our fresh water. Tougher rules, better enforcement, and stronger penalties will make resource companies clean up their act.

2. Make big industrial users pay. Our water is priceless, and most British Columbians agree it should never be sold. However, B.C.’s system of water licences lets big industry pay pennies to use our water, while British Columbians are stuck cleaning up the messes they leave behind. This needs to change: it’s time to make industrial users pay the true cost of using B.C.’s water.

3. Give local people control over local water sources. B.C.’s water sources should be owned and managed by the people who know them best and need them most. By providing local people with the funding, training and authority to look after their water sources, we can create surge of good jobs in every corner of B.C.

It’s time we start treating our watersheds like our lives depend on them. Email John Horgan now and tell him we need to secure B.C.’s fresh water before it’s too late.

Read the plan. Add your Voice.