Lina Azeez at Katzie Slough

Lina Azeez, our Connected Waters campaigner, working at our restoration site on the Katzie Slough. Photo credit: Dylan Hillis

We are thrilled to announce that our funding application for phase 1 of our Connected Waters project has been approved by DFO’s BC Salmon Restoration Innovation Fund.

This project, in partnership with Tides Canada Foundation, is the first stage of a salmon habitat restoration project that will open up and revitalize habitats currently blocked by aging flood control infrastructure in the lower Fraser.

Loss of habitat is a key factor in the decline of struggling Fraser salmon populations. Our  mapping has identified over 150 sites where dikes block fish from overwintering or rearing habitats. 

Fortunately, there are fish-friendly flood management solutions that protect people and allow fish to access habitats. Now we have the funding to begin to tackle this problem! 

Over the course of the next year, we will identify and prioritize the most viable sites for restoration. We will do this work in collaboration with local First Nations, municipalities, scientists, industry representatives and environmental colleagues. 

In phase 2 (not yet funded), we will begin the restoration projects with local First Nations and municipalities.

We are excited to get this work off the ground and we look forward to working in partnership with communities along the way.