Help ensure B.C. rivers can support wild salmon

Hold the government accountable with us! The Water Sustainability Act can protect water flows for wild salmon, if it is properly implemented. Help make sure it is by supporting our Water for Fish campaign. If you prefer not to donate online, there are other ways to give.

Water is at the heart of British Columbia’s economy and culture. However, a warming climate, coupled with growing agricultural, commercial and domestic demands, are putting immense pressure on B.C. waterways and on our wild salmon. Our Water for Fish campaign works to ensure B.C.’s waters are managed for salmon and their habitats.

Your donation supports our research and advocacy work and helps us keep the pressure on decision-makers to ensure our rivers and streams have enough water for fish.

Help defend and rebuild B.C. wild salmon and their habitats. Support our work with a one-time or monthly donation. If you prefer not to donate online, find out about other ways to give