Lina Azeez

Lina Azeez, Watershed Watch Salmon Society

We have some really exciting news! A valuable piece of floodplain habitat in the Heart of the Fraser has been secured for protection by the Nature Trust of BC.

The property, at the confluence of Inch Creek, Norrish Creek and Nicomen Slough, is 11.6 hectares. About one third of the site is relatively pristine and the rest will need to be restored. The Nature Trust of BC is now fundraising to do this work.

I am encouraged by this recent acquisition. While our main goal through the Defend the Heart of the Fraser campaign has been to stop inappropriate development and protect large in-river gravel islands such as Herrling and Carey Islands, many private properties in the area also comprise good quality, important fish habitat. 

Another reason I’m excited about the acquisition of this site is because of our work to restore fish passage on waterways impacted by flood control structures. Historically, the Nicomen Slough has suffered terribly from diking that reduced the flow and quality of water and blocked fish passage to important nursery habitat.  

As part of our Resilient Waters study, which identifies opportunities for restoration along waterways in the lower Fraser watershed, we spoke with Leq’a:mel Nation. They identified Nicomen Slough as a waterway of interest with at least two opportunities for fish passage improvements that could make this system healthy enough to support salmon all year round. This waterway has benefited from long term stewardship by Leq’a:mel Nation and others and restoring fish passage by upgrading flood infrastructure will enhance this important waterway further.

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