Juvenile coho. Credit: Eiko Jones Photography

Juvenile coho. Credit: Eiko Jones Photography

Right now, millions of juvenile salmon are swimming down the Fraser River towards the ocean and they need our help.

As they move downstream, they need side channels to duck into to feed and grow, and to shelter from the coming spring melt. Unfortunately, hundreds of flood control structures currently block these baby fish from their historical nursery habitats.

There is a solution. All lower mainland municipalities need to ensure their flood control structures (dikes, pump stations and flood gates) are fish-friendly (which means they do not block juvenile salmon from important habitats.)

Although last year, municipalities voted in favour of upgrading flood infrastructure to consider fish and access to fish habitat at the Lower Mainland Local Government Association meeting, to date, no action has been taken.

You can help by adding your voice. Decision-makers at all levels of government need to know their citizens care about wild salmon habitat.

Use our easy online tool to send a letter to either your mayor and council (if you live in the lower mainland) or to select federal and provincial ministers, asking them to take this issue seriously. Sharing your opinion will help move the needle on this important issue.

Please send your letter today.

Thank you so much for taking action for B.C. wild salmon!