Between late August and December, salmon are returning to their natal streams all across the province. Seeing them return in our local watersheds is an opportunity to witness one of the truly great miracles of the natural world.

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With the changing climate, and the many pressures wild salmon face, the numbers of salmon returning to each stream is changing. While we can make predictions, we don’t yet know exactly what will happen on the ground.

You can help build a picture of what is happening with salmon around the province with just your phone and a social media account.

How to take part in #SalmonSpawnWatch

  • Go to see the salmon spawn, or where you expect them to spawn. (Check out our list of some popular spots around the province.)
  • Use your phone to take pictures or make a short video. Film the water and environment if you like. Or better yet, film yourself describing where you are, what day it is and what you observe. (If there are no salmon returning, and you expect them to, that is an important observation too!)
  • Post on social media (whatever platforms you use) with the hashtag #SalmonSpawnWatch. Tag Watershed Watch for good measure. When you post, include the date and location in the text of your post.
  • If you don’t use social media, or have troubles posting, just send the photos or video to us with the date and location and we will post on your behalf.
  • Each post you make between now and November 14 enters you in a draw for some amazing prizes.

Each post enters you to win

First prize:  A 2-day 1-night all-inclusive glamping & relaxation package for 2 from REO Rafting Resort (value $998). Click here for full details on this incredible prize.

Second prize: A Patagonia Black Hole MLC, a burly, soft-sided 45-liter suitcase with enough room for world travel and convertible backpack straps for comfy load carrying (value $299). See the Patagonia site for more information about this great bag.

Third prize: 1 adult Devil’s Gorge Run rafting trip with Kumsheen Rafting, which includes a riverside lunch and a half-day of rafting on the legendary Thompson River (value $159). Learn more about this exciting adventure.

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