Rain gardens are a simple, yet effective example of green infrastructure that can help manage stormwater runoff from impermeable surfaces before it reaches our storm drains and heads straight to the nearest waterway. They consist of native shrubs, perennials, and flowers planted in a small depression where runoff can pond and infiltrate into deep constructed soils and then into the native soils below. These gardens are being increasingly used around the Metro Vancouver area by many municipalities, but did you know that they are fairly simple for a homeowner to install on their own property so they too can do their part to manage stormwater? 

The Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable is currently in the planning stages for the design and installation of two rain gardens in Lions Park, Port Coquitlam. The project will be a hands-on demonstration for any community member wishing to participate (all necessary COVID precautions will be observed). Educational signage will speak to how these gardens help manage stormwater and provide instructions and resources on how homeowners can install their own.

We are looking for volunteers! Do you have landscaping and design experience, native plant knowledge and/or environmental engineering/hydrological expertise? Or are you interested in helping out with the installation? If so, please contact our coordinator. Planning begins this summer for a late September installation.
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