Salt Water Digital Marketing recently joined our list of Watershed Watch corporate partners. In an effort to get to know this donor a little better, we gave search engine strategist, Stephen Johnson, a call. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation.


Tell us a little bit about your business? What is Salt Water Digital Marketing?

Salt Water Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency in Vancouver, B.C. We help small to medium-sized businesses with their digital strategic planning and implementation. All of our staff is local and we’re proud to provide great work and transparent results!


What made you choose Watershed Watch Salmon Society to donate to?

We chose to donate to Watershed Watch Salmon Society because we love the ocean and want to support those organizations that are working to protect it and its vast ecosystem.


Why is charitable giving a part of your business model?

Charitable giving is a huge part of our business model because we recognize the impact our business activities have on the environment. It’s our responsibility to support these organizations above and beyond through donations and volunteer hours.


What inspires you?

We’re constantly inspired by the people who create, volunteer and support the charitable organizations that are working so hard to protect our oceans. Keep rocking it!


To learn more about Salt Water Digital, check out their website.