Watershed Watch is a founding member of the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, a community-based collaborative watershed management body. The Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable includes representatives from a diverse cross-section of interests in the watershed including First Nations, all levels of government, business, education, recreation and community organizations.

Wondering what we have been up to? The roundtable recently finished a 2021 year in review video. Check it out!

Based on the priorities set by Coquitlam watershed community  members at last year’s spring and fall events, in 2022 the roundtable will be focusing on: 

  1. Developing a tree management outreach program, in response to illegal tree removal in the municipalities by property owners. The strategy includes outreach to the public on the proper procedure for tree removal and education on the importance of maintaining the tree canopy. 
  2. Working with developers to implement a natural space strategy that contributes to the health of the watershed and to address development pressures.
  3. The roundtable is also working with municipalities on invasive species management throughout the watershed. The goal is to create an information sharing network and to coordinate activities to develop model bylaws for invasive species management and mapping inventories. 

The roundtable will also continue moving forward on stormwater work with the rain garden in Lions Park. The project engaged community members in its development and now provides how-to signage for installing a rain garden, including a link to an instructional video and a mural depicting how rain gardens work to filter stormwater.

The garden features two rain barrels that capture stormwater from disconnected downspouts on the adjacent building, which will be used to water the garden during the dry season. The City of Port Coquitlam will be using this as a pilot project to gauge feasibility for this type of green infrastructure elsewhere in the municipality. Read more about the rain garden project.