Stan Proboszcz

Another big opportunity is upon us. A few months back, the government had to make a decision about removing factory fish farms in the Discovery Islands, a critical wild salmon migration corridor. September 30, 2020 was the deadline for removing all salmon farms from the Discovery Islands, near Campbell River according to the 19th recommendation of the Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River. The inquiry was headed by Justice Bruce Cohen, took over two years to complete and, in 2012, culminated in an 1100 page final report with 75 recommendations covering habitat protection, salmon farming, hatchery management, fisheries management, government accountability and more.

Thousands of our supporters emailed and phoned the Minister of Fisheries and their Members of Parliament, telling them to follow Judge Cohen’s recommendation and get the farms out. 

All of those efforts, along with that of First Nations and our other allies, forced the federal government to respond. If we hadn’t rallied around the September 30 deadline, I believe the government would have quietly ignored it. Thanks to the noise we all made, they were forced to acknowledge it.

However, instead of taking action, they kicked the can down the road to December 18, the day the federal licences for the Discovery Islands fish farms expire. They need to know we’re paying attention and that we’re not going to stop fighting for wild salmon and the natural bounty they support. Please send them an email telling them to get factory fish farms out of the Discovery Islands.