With the start of the new year, we also mark another significant milestone. In just 6 months, on June 30, 2022, over 95 per cent of B.C.’s factory fish farm licences will expire.

The expiration of these licenses offers a huge opportunity for getting factory fish farms out of B.C.’s coastal waters and off wild salmon migration routes. We need to push hard on the government so they do not renew them.

Our new Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Joyce Murray is also the B.C. member of parliament for Vancouver-Quadra. Of all the MPs in British Columbia, she’s definitely one of the most knowledgeable about wild salmon and the threat of factory fish farms. Here’s an excerpt from an email Minister Murray sent to her constituents last year that shows she’s on our side: 

“Prime Minister Trudeau gets it, and in the 2019 federal election he promised to end open-net pen salmon aquaculture by 2025. I will keep working toward the fulfillment of that promise.”

I know many are dubious of political promises, and with good reason. I also know that the federal government is very concerned with its perception with voters, particularly in B.C. Because we have another minority government, they will probably be motivated to stay in our good books over the next year or two due to the likelihood of another election. Of course they want to be re=elected. 

The next 6 months will tell us how serious this government and Minister Murray are about getting factory farms out. It’s critical we keep on them over this time period. Can you remind the federal government by taking action now?

Wishing you all the best for the new year. Stayed tuned for opportunities to take action for wild salmon in 2022.