Stan Proboszcz

Over the last several years, the federal government has been developing Canada’s first ever aquaculture act: a piece of legislation to govern open-net fish farms and other activities. We know factory fish farm lobbyists have worked hard to try and influence the direction of this piece of legislation.

Recently, myself and other NGO colleagues from across Canada had a call with the federal government team working on the new legislation. We were shocked to learn the new aquaculture act may exempt factory fish farms from important environmental laws like the Fisheries Act. We’re worried it may allow factory farms more latitude to pollute our coastal waters and more freedom to spread viruses to wild fish. 

Public consultations are open until February 14, 2021. Can you send an email now and let them know we need an aquaculture act that will protect coastal waters and our wild fish?  

Last December’s incredible federal announcement to remove factory fish farms from the Discovery Islands proves that collectively we have the power to influence our federal government. If everyone steps up and takes action, they can’t ignore us

Getting a strong aquaculture act will put even more pressure on the remaining factory fish farms and will be yet another step towards clearing this coast for good. We’re certainly not opposed to all forms of aquaculture, but all open-net factory fish farms have got to go.