Watershed Watch staff are keen podcast listeners, and we’ve put together some of our fishy faves for your summer listening.

The Freshwater Stream Shameless plug, we know. But if you haven’t yet, check out the first season of our new podcast. Host Danielle Paydli interviews people all over British Columbia about challenges in their local watersheds and what is being done to solve them. The Freshwater Stream is a collaboration between Watershed Watch Salmon Society and Canadian Freshwater Alliance and is available wherever you listen to podcasts.

The David Suzuki Podcast World renowned scientist and broadcaster David Suzuki launched this five episode podcast series at the height of the pandemic. It’s structured around the five basic elements of life; fire, air, earth, water and spirit. Alongside some stellar guests (including Jane Fonda and Neil Young!) Suzuki delves into the lessons we can learn from Covid-19, and the notion of a green recovery.

Let’s Talk About Water Walrus Labs (think Walrus Magazine) and the Global Institute for Water Security have produced a podcast tackling water security issues facing the planet ⏤and Canadians in particular⏤ through conversations with leading experts in the field. As we face a summer of droughts here in B.C., discussing solutions to water crisis’ are timely.

The Sound Aquatic Hakai Magazine’s new five-part ‘soundscapes’ series is a unique audio experience about ocean noise, marine animals and the newfound quiet of the “anthro-pause” caused by COVID-19. 

Save What You Love Mark Titus is the award-winning documentary filmmaker behind ‘The Wild,- a film exploring the potential impact of the Pebble Mine project on Alaska’s wild salmon. Titus speaks with extraordinary change-makers in this new podcast to tackle the question “how do you save what you love?”

The Warblers Podcast For all the birding enthusiasts in our audience, Birds Canada recently dropped this new podcast sharing insights and information about birds and bird conservation across Canada. Recent guests include volunteer scientists, PhD’s and a filmmaker for National Geographic.

GrizzCast Now back for a second season, Grizzly Bear Foundation created Grizzcast to help save North America’s iconic grizzly bear. It is a rich sonic journey, full of stories and conversations between hunters, fishers and foragers attempting to find common ground.

The Wild with Chris Morgan Master storyteller, Chris Morgan, delves into the ways nature continues to survive and thrive alongside (or despite) humans. From the shores of the Pacific Northwest to Belize and Sumatra, listeners learn about wildlife and ecosystems through human stories of these wild places. P.S. — you don’t want to miss his “Salmon and The City ” episode. The Wild is a production of KUOW in Seattle in partnership with Chris Morgan and Wildlife Media. 

Speak Up For Blue Speak Up for Blue aims to raise awareness and understanding about pressing issues facing the world’s oceans, and the conservation projects working to solve them. Diverse topics from shark fins to plastic pollution to ocean fires are discussed.  

Blue Fish Radio Blue Fish Radio, with host Lawrence Gunther, shares valuable information and knowledge on fisheries stewardship and aquatic management. Episodes feature interviews with local champions and experts, including some Watershed Watch staff!