Last year, we were thrilled to receive a generous donation from Flowerstone Soap in Victoria, B.C. Flowerstone Soap is donating 5 per cent of their profits to Watershed Watch Salmon Society! In an effort to get to know this donor a little better, we gave owner Karina Zobolotny a call. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation.

Woman sitting by the ocean

Karina Zobolotny

Tell us a little bit about Flowerstone Soap?

Flowerstone Soap is a small business started in 2020, based in Victoria, B.C. The soaps I make are handmade using natural ingredients including oils, clays, and essential oils for fragrance. The final product is high quality and environmentally friendly, and I think they are pretty nice-looking too.

What made you choose Watershed Watch Salmon Society to donate to?

I’ve heard that the things that break your heart are the things that are connected to your purpose. For me, the diminishing resident orca population around where I live on Vancouver Island is heartbreaking. In looking at what organizations I could support, Watershed Watch Salmon Society really stood out as a group that directly helps the orcas through improving Chinook populations, and works to protect and rehabilitate streams and rivers for all salmon.

Why is charitable giving a part of your business model?

soapAs a consumer, I prefer to buy from companies that give back as part of their business model, so it was important for me to do this with my own business, and to support an organization that aligns with what I value.

What inspires you?

People who swim upstream.


5 per cent of all Flowerstone Soap profits are donated to Watershed Watch Salmon Society. Visit their website to find out more.