On Tuesday, we hosted the live premiere of our new short film, Connected Waters. We were joined by campaigner Lina Azeez, filmmaker Kieran Muller and Watershed Watch Salmon Society co-founder, Dr. Craig Orr.

A big thank you to the over 280 folks who attended the event! It was incredibly rewarding to have so many people interested and asking such deep and thoughtful questions.

For those who missed the live screening, Connected Waters is now available to watch on Youtube. 

If you want to help reconnect wild salmon habitat in the lower Fraser River, send an email to Prime Minister Trudeau,Premier Horgan and your local MP and MLA, telling them to invest in Fraser salmon habitat. It only takes one-click with our handy letter-writing tool. For those in the United States, use this link

And a final thank you to our donors, who make it possible for us to offer events like last night’s free of charge. This being said, If you were moved by the issues addressed in the video, please consider making a financial contribution to our work.