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Fishing for generations to come

Fishing Smarter

About Fishing Smarter

Fishing is an important part of the culture and economy of communities here in B.C., especially First Nations. Unfortunately, many fisheries in our province are taking an unacceptable toll on endangered salmon populations.

Watershed Watch is working to change the way salmon fisheries are managed in B.C., so that healthy salmon populations can be harvested and the depleted ones are left to rebuild.

Here is how we are doing it:

  • Watchdogging the management of salmon fisheries and exposing irresponsible management decisions and fishing practices.
  • Promoting a shift from “mixed-stock” to “known-stock” fisheries to support the rebuilding of endangered salmon populations, maintain the ecological health of our watersheds, and support economic development in First Nations fishing communities.
  • Pushing for effective catch monitoring and enforcement that meets international best practice.
  • Working with First Nations to support the commercial development of highly sustainable known-stock fisheries.
  • Representing the public interest in salmon conservation at fishery planning tables like the Integrated Harvest Planning Committee as a core member of the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus.

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