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Defending wild salmon from fish farms

Safe Passage

Feds Failed to Get Fish Farms out of Discovery Islands by Sep 30 2020. Take action now!

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About Safe Passage

Wild salmon are the lifeblood of our province. However, sea lice and disease from salmon farms threaten B.C.’s  wild fish and DFO is letting it happen. B.C.’s wild salmon are getting the short end of the stick.

An independent investigation, the Cohen Inquiry, recommended all the farms in the Discovery Islands (near Campbell River) be removed by September 2020, unless it can be shown they do not pose more than a “minimal risk of serious harm.” If significant risk is identified before then, the farms should be removed immediately. 

Meanwhile, the scientific evidence keeps mounting, both sea lice and viruses threaten wild fish. It is time for the Fisheries Minister to do his job and follow these recommendations, and order the farms to be removed.

All the farms near Campbell River should not be allowed to re-stock, because the industry will use this to stall their removal. 

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