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Ensuring BC rivers can support wild salmon

Water For Fish

About Water For Fish

Wild salmon need cool, clean fresh water. Unfortunately, our warming climate, growing population and the demands of industry are creating difficult conditions for salmon in streams and rivers across B.C.

Watershed Watch defends water for fish by calling on government to crack down on over-extraction and pollution, and to give communities more control over local waters. We stand up against threats to salmon-bearing waters, working with policy experts and scientists to reform water management.

Good management starts at home, and for Watershed Watch, that’s the Coquitlam watershed. We are core participants in the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, a model of collaboration and problem-solving, working to improve the ecological health of the watershed for salmon and people.

Watershed Watch is part of Our Water BC, a broad coalition of organizations and community groups uniting around shared priorities and a common vision for the management B.C.’s fresh water.

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