Help build a picture of what’s happening with salmon around the province and be entered to win an incredible prize.

Every #SalmonSpawnWatch participant will have the chance to win a 2-person, 3 day, all-inclusive experience at REO Rafting Resort, worth over $1,300!

REO Rafting is a family-owned and operated off-the-grid resort, located on the Nahatlatch River in the Fraser Canyon, near Boston Bar. REO Rafting is one of the only off-the-grid resorts in North America to win the Traveller’s Choice Award from Trip Advisor seven years in a row.

The #SalmonSpawnWatch prize is their most popular package, a 3 day, 2 night, glamping experience at the river’s edge. Enjoy a private deck overlooking the river and fall asleep to the sound of the rapids.

The prize includes meals, snacks and drinks, yoga classes and a guided hike. Winners will select the type of experience that suits them best, either an adventure with white water rafting, or a more relaxing getaway, with a full-body massage included.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win this authentic, life changing experience from REO Rafting Resort, details on how to enter Salmon Spawn Watch and win below!

How to enter #SalmonSpawnWatch:

  • Go to see the salmon spawn, or where you expect them to spawn. (Check out our list of some popular spots around the#SalmonSpawnWatch province.)
  • Use your phone to take pictures or make a short video. Film the water and environment if you like. Or better yet, film yourself describing where you are, what day it is and what you observe. (If there are no salmon returning, and you expected them to, that is an important observation too!)
  • Post on social media (whatever platforms you use) with the hashtag #SalmonSpawnWatch. Tag Watershed Watch for good measure.
  • When you post, include the date and location in the text of your post.
  • If you don’t use social media, or have troubles posting, just send the photos or video to us with the date and location and we will post in your behalf.
  • The contest runs now until October 25th at midnight.

Every post will be tracked and entered to win this incredible prize from REO Rafting Resort.