Alaskan Interceptions of BC Salmon: State of Knowledge

Resource: Alaskan Interceptions of BC Salmon: State of Knowledge


This report series describes significant Alaskan exploitation on many BC populations, such as Area 3 (Nass), 4 (Skeena), and 5 (coastal streams south of the Skeena), sockeye, coho, chum and pink salmon, central coast salmon populations of all species, Fraser River sockeye and chinook from Vancouver Island, Strait of Georgia, and some Fraser River populations. Importantly, these impacts continue despite declines in abundance of many species in BC. Additionally, the commercial catch of Canadian-bound salmon in most recent years is higher in Alaska than it is in Canada.

The report provides a ‘State of Knowledge’ of SEAK interceptions of BC salmon and steelhead that compiles and summarizes historical and recent information. Information on SEAK catch were obtained through discussions with staff from Department of Oceans and Fisheries (DFO), Alaska Department of Fisheries and Game (ADF&G), and LGL Limited, and other agencies, and many additional resources were found online through the Pacific Salmon Commission Technical Committee websites, the Pacific Salmon Foundation Pacific Salmon Explorer, LGL Limited, and published literature and reports. Products of this work include a technical summary, 100+ page data report, and R-code for figures and data summaries.

The intent of this report series is to promote discussion, identify knowledge gaps, attempt to collect, and make available, all relevant data, and provide recommendations to improve our understanding of Alaskan interceptions of Canadian salmon.

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