Fraser River Sockeye: So what’s at stake?

Resource: Fraser River Sockeye: So what’s at stake?

Authors / Publisher: Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Date: December 2006

PDF: Fraser River Sockeye: So what’s at stake?


Fisheries researchers have identified a rich-but-fragile tapestry of more than 250 distinct spawning populations of Fraser sockeye. Returning adult sockeye distribute themselves throughout the Fraser watershed in a pattern somewhat akin to the overlapping shingles of a roof. And whether with roofs or Fraser sockeye, we risk a catastrophic ‘loss of function’ if we remove too many shingles—or stocks of sockeye.

The abundance and diversity of Fraser River sockeye are imperiled by many man-made threats, but perhaps none greater than recent record warm water and low river flows related to global warming.

Watershed Watch produced this brochure to emphasize the importance of Fraser sockeye, the risks they face, and what concerned people can do to help.


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