Resource: Lower Coquitlam River Productivity Monitoring Program Summary (2000-2019)

COQMON-7 Monitoring Summary (2000-2019), September 7, 2020

Prepared by: Jody Schick, Jason MacNair, Jennifer Buchanan and Dani Ramos

This summary outlines the steps that led to the development of the Lower Coquitlam River
Productivity Monitoring Program (COQMON 7), its overall objectives, management questions and
monitoring approach. This summary also describes how changes in flow releases from Coquitlam Dam
have influenced downstream flows and how fish productivity has changed between the two flow regimes
tested during the monitoring period (Treatment 1: 2000-2008, Treatment 2: 2008-2019). A projection of
how extending monitoring beyond 2020 could change our assessment of the impact of each flow
treatment on fish productivity is also included.

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