Resource: Sturgeon Telemetry Update, November 2010

Authors / Publisher: David Robichaud, LGL Consulting Ltd. for Watershed Watch Salmon Society and the Kwikwetlem First Nation

Date: November 2010

PDF: Sturgeon Telemetry Update, November 2010


In order to better understand movement of white sturgeon in the regions surrounding the Port Mann and Pitt River bridges, Watershed Watch Salmon Society, the Kwikwetlem First Nation and the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society contracted LGL Consulting Ltd. to conduct a sturgeon telemetry project in the area.  Little was known of how sturgeon used habitat in this region or how proposed construction of the new Port Mann and Pitt River bridges, as part of the Gateway Program, may impact them.  The project invovled tagging sturgeon and installing receivers throughout the area.  When tagged sturgeon travelled past a receiver it was recorded and data from receivers were periodically downloaded to monitor movement of sturgeon throughout the area.

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