Resource: Watershed Watch Salmon Society Annual Report – 2010

Following a disastrous return in 2009, last year’s modern-day record breaking numbers of Fraser sockeye were a welcome surprise, and 2010 may well be remembered as the ‘year of the sockeye.’ Though Watershed Watch and others enjoyed a rare opportunity to celebrate, we are sobered by the bigger problems facing wild salmon, and are working harder than ever towards lasting solutions and more record breaking returns.

Thanks to continued support from the public and our financial sponsors, Watershed Watch focuses on protecting and restoring BC’s iconic wild salmon. We do so by enhancing awareness and catalyzing action on a wide range of habitat, harvest and fisheries management issues. Lasting and real changes in the way salmon and their habitat are protected will only be possible with a broadly-appreciated understanding of the pressures facing wild salmon—habitat loss, poor management, pollution, climate change and unsustainable aquaculture practices.

PDF: Watershed Watch Salmon Society Annual Report – 2010


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